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MEDIA INTERVIEW / Business Transformation Network TV: May 2018

Business Network TV recently interviewd me in relation to the 7Cs of Change and it's application for the delivery of 'revolutionary change'. The interview has been uploaded onto their site.

- NN

The vidoe of the interview is available here.


CONFERENCE APPEARANCE / Amsterdam, Netherlands: 13th October 2017

I shall be closing the 2 day Unleashing Change Management conference in Amsterdam this October with a speech based on my recent editorial that ran in the Japan HR Agenda (see below). 

The speech will deal with the issue of 'Changing the Way We Change' in relation to a world of more and more REVolutionary change. - NN

More information available here.

CONFERENCE APPEARANCE / KL, Malaysia: April 22nd 2016

I am pleased to confrim a return to Malaysia this April. I will be delivering an introductory Change Management and Business Transformation seminar that will explore the topic of Change Management and the 7Cs of Change.

The event is being organised by the  Malaysian Institute Of Management, with their members able to attend for free but non-members will also be able to attend with the purchase of a ticket. - NN

For further information please click here.

SEMINAR EVEN / Milan, Italy: March 22nd 2016

I will be returning to Italy on March 22nd with an evening event in Milan.  I will be delivering a key-note-speech concerning Change Management and Business Transformation before taking part in an extended Q&A session with the audience.  The event is being promoted by Business International and part of their HR Frontiers series aimed at senior HR professionals. - NN

Tickets for the event are currently available from Business International. For further information visit their website here.


MAGAZINE PUBLICATION / HR Agenda, Japan: July 2017

The July 2017 edition of the HR Agenda magazine has a Change Management theme and I have had the honour to provide the lead article/editorial.  The article, as per the front cover, addresses the need to 'Change the Way We Change' with a look at the issue of 'Evolutionary VS Revolutionary' change.

The magazine is printed in both English and Japanese.  More information available here.

Please refer to the 'resources' section of this site for further articles, and I am always happy to hear from those who wish to share feedback and thoughts- NN


SEMINAR EVENT / London, UK: 5th March 2018

I shall be delivering a key-note-speech at a Change Management networking event being organised by CTC.  The speech, ' Changing the Way We Change', will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience before some networking over refreshments.

The event takes place in Central London and starts at 18:30. Admission is free via registration through the CTC website.

. - NN

More information available here.

CONFERENCE APPEARANCE / London, England / U.K: May 11th 2016

I am pleased to advise I will be returning to London to deliver a Change Management session for Beacon Events and their West Africa Investment Mining Summit.

The Mining industry is subject to significant market changes at the moment, and the ides of the session is to introduce delegates to the concept of Change Management and how it can help in their business transformations. - NN

For more information, please click here.

CONFERENCE APPEARANCE / Singapore: August 24th 2016

I am pleased to advise I make a return to Singapore for the first time since 2014. I will be delivering a key note speech on 'Coaching for Change' at the 5th Annual Global HR Agenda Conference. - NN

For more information, please click  here.


SEMINAR EVENT AND BOOK SIGNING / Tokyo, Japan: 19th April 2017

I am pleased to announce I will be delivering a seminar followed by a Q&A and book-signing at the Japan HR Society.  The seminar will explore the topic as to what is best for Japan today; 'Evolutionary' or 'Revolutionary Change'. - NN

For more information, please click here.

The 'Transformative Change' book is currently available from Amazon Japan.

CONFERENCE APPEARANCE / Singapore: 19th June 2010

I shall be speaking at the ConnecTech Asia 2019 conference in Singapore on June 19th 2019.

The speech will deal with the issues of 'Avoiding Silo Mentality in a Digital Transformation'. - NN

More information availablehere.

CONFERENCE APPEARANCE / Amsterdam, Netherlands: 18th April 2018

I shall be speaking at the Unleashing Change Management 2018 conference in Amsterdam on April 18th 2018.

The speech will deal with the issues of 'Recognising and being Ready for Revolutionary Change'. - NN

More information availablehere.


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CONFERENCE APPEARANCE / KL, Malaysia:  28th March 2018

I will be opening the Digital HR Asia 2018 conference taking place over two days at the end of March. In my speech I shall be addressing the need for HR to play their part with the Change Management for digitalisation transformation programmes and strategy.

- NN

More information available here.

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